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Dec 22, 2023

Juha Latvala

Although Pareto Software Ltd was founded in August 2023, it already feels like we have been in the industry for much longer. The fact that a significant portion of our professionals have a history of successful projects together might have something to do with it.

Pareto specializes in industrial product development and the transformation, integration, and upgrade needs of software platforms. We offer both product development services and system development projects in the fields of operations, production, and digital commerce.

We understand that the software consulting market needs innovation and evolution. Over the last decade, the market has partially overheated, and now, structural competitiveness is once again becoming a key factor. We are confident that we can maintain our competitiveness and provide even more value to our customers.

"But why do we need more software companies in this market?" Unlike many established industries, software development reinvents itself in cycles of a few years. New technologies and methodologies demand continuous adaptation.

The Pareto principle is named after the Italian mathematician Vilfredo Pareto, and it succinctly defines that "in many situations, 20% of the factors determine 80% of the results." We have adopted this 80/20 rule as a guiding principle in our software projects and customer relationships.

Simply put, it means that together with the customer, we identify the factors that create the most value according to the 80/20 rule, and we tailor our customer relationship and approach accordingly.

Within a software project, it guides us to choose the right combination of ready-made and customized components that most efficiently serve the desired outcome. In functional and non-functional specifications, it helps us focus on what truly matters and allocate resources appropriately.

Software, by nature, is complex. The ongoing pursuit of simplification is a critical factor in success.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunities that generative AI will bring to streamline software projects. It's a safe bet that within the next five years, some companies will gain a significant competitive advantage from the adoption of generative AI tools in software development. Pareto enables all of its employees to utilise AI tools to enhance customer value creation.

Our value proposition includes transparent practices for both our customers and employees and the ability to identify the meaningful aspects of our projects in accordance with the 80/20 rule.

If you'd like to learn more about us, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

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